Cleveland Ready To Armor Up For RNC Event

Cleveland ReadyPreparations for National Convention for Republican that Cleveland will be hosting in July are underway andthere seems to be one question that is fueling most of the hype and conversation: while it is not imperative that Donald Trump whether wins the nominationor not, will his unruly rallies along with their usual conflicting protesters trail him all the way to Cleveland? There has been an exponential rise in shoving matches during his events with supporters going as far as punching protesters. Trump recently mentioned the likelihood of mass riots if through contested convention, theright for his nomination were forfeited.

With Brussels in a stated of bomb alert, the Secret Service andCleveland officials are careful to divulge details regarding their plans, but officials like Kevin Dye, a spokesman for theSecret Service say the event will be secure and safe.Cleveland has plans to purchase batons, barricades, bicycles, and 2,000 full riot gear suits from the $50 million it has been issued in federal grants to cover the security expenses for the event. Even more lumps of money will be used to pay to bring in 2500 officers from neighboring police departments to supplement Cleveland’s own 1500-strong force. While the security measures are clearly for the campaigners, the department has issued strict vigilance against hurting individuals or property with severe repercussions.

There have also been demands from civil rights groups for transparency from the police department regarding the type of riot control equipment it plans to purchase. This stems from a chain of reformations that took place after several departments were fund to use excessive force and a trigger-happy approach. The department has issued a notice stating that it is better to be prepared and not use crowd control than to end up with no way to control the situation at all.Jane Castor, the former Chief of Police in Tampa says that while there were several problems during the 2008 RNC event at St. Paul, Cleveland might have a more difficult time this year.

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Winning Might Be Nice But Delegates Are Nicer: Clinton

Nice But Delegates Are Nicer

Hillary Clinton’s strategy has changed from hazing her rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to a more positive emotional message of kindness and love. While Clinton stuck to her message of comparison during her early campaigning stages, Arkansas,Georgia, Tennessee Virginia and Massachusetts will be amongst the first to hear her talking about the barriers the American people need to break down for the nation to thrive. Economics, sexism and racism are some of the barriers she talked about during her speech in Springfield which was met by an eager crowd.

While the comparison strategy has not completely died out from her campaign especially when Clinton points out the mean-spiritedness andname-calling in the race, her recent changes have won her a larger audience with black voters and although the campaign is not certain that they can will all of the Southern states includingAlabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia andTexas, she is expected to do well in most of them. For places that she is likely not to wins, likeMassachusetts, where both Clinton and Sanders will be campaigning, it is not just about winning. There is an opportunity to pick up more delegates to receive the right for nomination and by creating a delegate lead that Sanders will not be able to overcome, she is set for nomination.

The Man Who Constructed Modernism-Based Housing For The Masses

Housing For The Masses

Tract houses bring to mind the art of being the same, from the same colors, to the same style. They are identical walls of living quarters framing many suburban streets.Most architects don’t even consider them proper individual houses but more than half a century ago, William Krisel broke the monotony that was tract homes. Today, Palm Springs is honoring the man who helped shaped they city’s living spaces.

The moment you step into Krisel’s homes, you take a step backinto another era. The houses have angled roofs with oversized glass windows and a desert colored palette with accentingtons of golds and shimmery blues. With their simple lines and usage of glass walls, the houses bring much of the outside in, creating a seamless barrier between shelter and environment. The house of Heidi Creighton is a tract house with a flat roof and a sun flap, and eliminating the edgy flat TV in the living room would take you back to 1962. Most of the furnishing Creighton has chosen reflects the era and the house itself.

While Krisel’s work is spread across the United States, his project in Palm Springs proving that modern houses in the 1960’s could be affordable and more importantly habitable for the common man.He stated that even though seven of the tenbiggest homebuilders were his clients at one time, he has built more than 40,000 living units altogether.He also dabbled in landscaping, which was crucial to properly bring the outdoors in. Krisel says that a house can open your mind and change your lifestyle and that the ecology of a space plays a major role in how you design your home. In order to commemorate the 91 year old architect, house owners are restoring their Krisel homes to their original glory, just in time to celebrateModernism Week and renaming a street to honor him.

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