The Sanders Campaign Experiences Slackening Fundraising

Sanders Campaign Experiences Slackening Fundraising

Official spokespeople for Senator Bernie Sanders recently announced that the campaign had raised $26 million during the month of April. This was made up of small donations and quite a drop from the larger $46 million he had raised during March followed by the slightly lower $42 million in February. The pace is slowing down as presidential elections head into its final round, with Bernie Sanders just a fingertip’s length away from touching the role of Democratic nomination.Sanders hasalso outpaced Clinton in the fundraising part of the elections.

His campaign committee pointed out that his April donations raised $26 million which exceeds Clinton’s March donations of $21 million; though the Clinton campaign has yet to release the numbers for April’s fundraising.

Sanders Campaign ExperiencesSanders has often pointed out during campaigning that the average donation his supporter is likely to make is $27, but the April donation numbers suggestthe number were closer to $26, according to campaign members. Clinton’s donation average has always remained around the tune of $40.As a whole, Sanders has crossed the required $200 million for his campaign with a overall fundraising sum totaling to $210 million.As per calculations from last month, he was outpacing the fundraising campaign of Hillary Clinton by almost $20 million.

Bernie Sanders is making no secrets about wanting to continue campaigning to the very end and the slowing but constant influx of moneymeans he definitely can. The campaign publicized last week that there would be a cutback on its staff to about one-third of its original size what with most primary states now a thing of the past and the prospects of Sanders campaigning for general electionvanishing quickly.

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