Hillary Clinton Eyes General Election By Extending Delegate Lead

Hillary Clinton Eyes GeneralIt is a turning point for as the House of the Democrats race for the Presidential Election.Five states along the East Coast area will be holding primary campaigning today. Clinton is clearly the forerunner in this leg of the race. If the polls are correct and she wins by a large margin tonight, her nomination warpath will look pretty unpopulated. Even though her rival, Bernie Sanders, even acknowledges that his winning is starting to look like a long shot, he is likely to go downfighting no matter what the outcome. The state of Pennsylvania has the most delegates at stake than any other state on this side of America.

Bernie Sanders says that right now, he has quite a narrow path to winning the nomination. Given recent calculations, he will need to come on top in all of the primary states by an approximate margin of 20-points if he ever wants tooutdo the number of pledged delegates in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Recent poll statistics say it is next to impossible that he will be able to succeed in that, but very possible that he will win Rhode Island if not a few of the states.

Hillary Clinton EyesTad Devine warned that if Sanders does not hit the target, the campaign will have to reevaluate the message he sends. However, Devine maintains that Sanders will not tap out of the presidential race and that he will keep going through California to Washington, D.C. If Sanders does poorly, it will be implausible for him to win on the basis of pledged delegates. While Clinton has not called for Sanders to step down from the race, she has talked about her decision to support Obama in 2008 when she’d lost her nominating fight. The campaign supporting Sanders has not come to that point yet, though Sanders did mention while he would not condone his support for Clinton yet, it was up to convince his supporters she deserved their support.

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